Accepting the Weather: January Tips on how to ride in the rain

Accepting the  Weather: January

Tips on how to ride in the rain

For some people, weather conditions can be seen as a barrier to walking and biking on a daily basis.  Walk and Bike Mendocino is here to show people that it doesn’t have to be, as long as you prepare for every type of weather.
Lately, Mendocino County has experienced quite a bit of rain, and we have already had an extremely wet winter.  Even though it might not seem the best time to walk and bike, there are several ways to keep yourself and your bike safe and dry, even during the strongest storms.
Click on the video below to learn how to prepare yourself for the cold, wet, wintry days ahead.
Strategic Plan for W&BM
Walk and Bike Mendocino is currently putting together a strategic plan to ensure that we are effectively addressing our mission, which is “creating happy and healthy communities by making it easy to walk and bike.”  As a public benefit organization, we are always seeking input on walking and bicycling safety concerns in each community, and the types of projects that can be implemented to reduce, or even eliminate, these worries.
Along with public input, we are also looking for advisory board members to represent each community and to help solidify our plan even more. We are looking for major projects that need to be addressed in each area.  In Ukiah, for example, the Orr Creek Greenway project is something that can support the development of walking and biking more safely and effectively. Another example can be seen in Willits, where new infrastructure and road improvements at the intersection of Blosser Lane and Highway 20 would meet our mission statement.
Of course these are not the only projects in these two communities that concern residents, nor do they represent the entirety of Mendocino County.  That’s where public input from each community is so vital to the success of our mission.  Let us know what you think needs to be done in your community.
Please click Draft Plan to review our current draft and please provide us with feedback.  You can email us at walkbike or call (707) 467-3217.
Sweetheart Slow Roll

On Tuesday February 14th, Walk and Bike Mendocino will be leading a Valentine’s Day Slow Roll for all y

Join the slow roll with or without a date!

ou love birds out there. Take a ride before your dinner reservations and show off your best date night clothes.

What is a Slow Roll exactly? Slow Rolls are a great way to ride at an easy and relaxed pace to enjoy the scenery of a neighborhood you might miss otherwise. Over the years, several cities and towns have incorporated Slow Rolls, and not just during holidays, but as weekly events, which have been shown to strengthen communities by bringing people together.

The same can be done in Ukiah, and what better time of year to start than now, to bring our neighbors, friends, family and our entire community together.
The Slow Roll is for everyone, meaning no dates or dinner reservations required. All ages, all skill levels and every type of bike are welcome. Our slow pace keeps the group safe and gives riders a unique perspective of our great city and its neighborhoods.
So come out and celebrate with the person you love, or those you haven’t met yet, and get together during this special day.
This ride will begin at Alex Thomas Plaza in Ukiah at 6pm.  If you’re interested in a slow roll in your community, gives us a call so we can help set it up!