Holiday Lights Slow Roll

Holiday Lights Slow Roll  

Enjoy Ukiah’s finest holiday decorations with friends and family

On Thursday, December 15th, Walk and Bike Mendocino staff will be leading a “slow roll” bike ride through the best holiday decorated neighborhoods in Ukiah.  Riders will meet up at 6pm at Alex Thomas Plaza and then begin a leisurely ride toward the west side, seeking out the best lights, ornaments, and other holiday cheer.  But don’t let the houses steal all of your festive thunder.  We encourage riders to titivate their bikes and themselves with decorative lights.

So . . . bring a bike, lights and be ready for fun!

Slow Roll strengthens our community by bringing people together. It’s for everyone; all ages, all skill levels and every type of bike is welcome. Our slow pace keeps the group safe and gives riders a unique perspective of our great city and its neighborhoods. Light your bike and see you there!

If you’re wondering how to decorate your bike for this event, click on the video below to find out how:

Be Visible: Why Bike Lights are so Important

At this time of the year, it’s safe to be seen, especially by motorists.  With days ending early, bicyclists and pedestrians need to make it a priority to be visible.  And there are many simple, easy and cost-effective ways to do so.  Click on the link below and find out how to be safer and more visible while riding and walking.


A Chance to Give

With 2016 winding down, it’s a perfect time to give your last donations before the new year.  And what better non-profit to donate your hard earned money to?  With your help, Walk and Bike Mendocino will continue to teach children essential skills in how to walk and bike safely, get healthier, and enjoy being outdoors.   So . . . in the spirit of the giving season, please click on the link below and see how you can help support this great program.  Happy holidays!