Mendo Maidens Ride to the Bay

The Mendo Maidens, a group of riders based in Mendocino county, will ride bikes from Ukiah to San Francisco to raise money for bike infrastructure in Mendocino county and just as importantly, for the joy of the ride. The Mendo Maidens are fundraising for permanent bike repair stations that include a bike stand, tools, and an air pump and bike parking racks to install around Mendocino county.

On Tuesday April 23rd we will be going on a short ride at 5pm and ending at Ukiah Brewing Company for a send off party at 6pm. All are welcome to attend the 5pm ride and the going away party. We will depart Ukiah on our steel steeds on Wednesday April 24th. Our plan is to arrive in San Francisco on Friday the 26th and be back in Ukiah on April 27 for the Earth Day celebration.

We will raise enough money to install three repair stations; one repair station on the coast for our local and international riders that enjoy the spectacular coastline, one inland for riders in the Eastern part of the county, and one additional station at a location to be determined.

Our 1st tier goal is $3,319 for 2 repair stations.

Our 2nd tier goal is $4,850 for 3 repair stations.

As a longer term goal we will be setting up paths for people in need, especially our unhoused population, low-income population and foster youth, to secure bikes for transportation. Any additional money raised will go towards programs supporting these goals.

If you’d like to get involved or help out please contact Teel Gordon at or Sarah Marshall at


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