Routes and Racks:

Routes and Racks:  

Seeking Input on How to Make Biking Easier in Ukiah


Walk & Bike Mendocino is soliciting public input into the drafting of a map of preferred bike routes for the City of Ukiah. The routes will be identified with odd numbers assigned to North/South routes and even numbers used for East/West routes. Directional signage will be mounted along the routes. The need for a bike route map and directional markers was identified during the update of the Ukiah Bike and Pedestrian Plan earlier this year.

In addition to the bike route plan, Walk and Bike Mendocino is seeking input for where bike racks should be placed throughout town. Improved parking is associated with increases in biking and can help local businesses.

To provide input, please email us at

Fort Bragg Safe Routes to School

Throughout the month of October, we’ve had the opportunity to teach bicycle safety to 5th graders at Dana Gray Elementary. Over the course of the past four weeks, approximately 140 students have learned the rules of the road through our Safe Routes to School curriculum. They were introduced to several real life safety situations, and we set-up courses to specifically display how it would be to ride on the road. They learned proper hand signals while riding through Safetyville, which is a chalked out streetscape complete with two-lane traffic and cross streets, stop signs, crosswalks and even a streetlight. Once they completed Safetyville, students discovered the importance of braking during the Start/Stop course, and found out how to balance their bikes while participating in the Slow Race. Students even had the opportunity to become pedestrians while not riding bikes, learning how to use a crosswalk and watch out for incoming traffic.


Walk to School Events

During the month of October, Walk and Bike Mendocino led several Walk to School days and will coordinate a few more in November. At the beginning of the month, students enjoyed muffins and hot tea on a beautiful, crisp morning during their walk to Laytonville Elementary. On the same day, several students participated in the walk to Round Valley Elementary School in Covelo. Other events during the month included walks to Frank Zeek Elementary in Ukiah, Blosser Lane Elementary in Willits, and Dana Gray Elementary in Fort Bragg. This month Walk and Bike staff will be returning to both Blosser Lane Elementary and Dana Gray Elementary to lead another walking school “bus,” which they hope will eventually become a weekly event led by parents, school staff, and other volunteers willing to help children get off to a healthy and fun start to their school day. The walk to Blosser Lane will begin at 7:30 am on Thursday, November 17th, and the event for Dana Gray will happen on Friday, November 18th at 8 am.

Connecting Children Together:

New Meetup Group Helps

Parents Find Walk to School Partners

“It’s a great way to start the morning, especially this time of year, with thefog and the leaves falling, it’s an awesome way to spend more time with my son and his classmates. They get exercise, I get a good walk in, and we just enjoy the walking and talking together.”


That’s what Joshua Landers had to say about the “Walking School Bus” he set up for his son and his classmates. Josh is a Field Coordinator for Walk & Bike Mendocino and leads a neighborhood walk to school group three days a week from his home to River Oak Charter School. He hopes that other parents will join him so his son can still walk on the days that Josh isn’t available.

To make it easier for other parents to join him, or start their own Walking School Bus, Josh has set-up a Meetup group for community members interested in their children walking to school on a daily basis.

Meetup is a social media platform that allows members to create events, in this case Walking School Bus Meetups, and invite other members to join them. The sign up is secure, free and easy.

“This is a great way for parents to connect with one another, teach their kids about traffic safety, and start the day with a little exercise,” says Josh.

This is just one example in one neighborhood in Mendocino County, and if parents in every community begin getting involved with walking their children and other kids to school, they’ll quickly see the benefits for both themselves and the children they’re leading.

To join Josh or start your own Meetup group, and to see upcoming Walk and Bike Mendocino activities, please visit