So you want to represent us?

Walk & Bike Mendocino is contacting the good folks who are running for office in Mendocino County. The third and fifth district seats for the County are being contested. Ted Williams is now running unopposed in the Fifth District.  There are three seats open on the Ukiah City Council, three open in Fort Bragg in November. We’re asking the candidates a few questions so we know where they stand on the issues that matter to us. We will be posting the responses as we receive them from the candidates.WIllitsWalkWeb

We have listed the candidates below and will provide a link to their answers. If there is no link, they have not yet answered.


City of Fort Bragg

Tess Albin-Smith

Ruben Alcala

Bobby Burns

Dana Jess

Mary Rose Kaczorowski

Jessica Morsell-Haye

Lindy Peters

City of Ukiah

Jim Brown

Ed Haynes

Mo Mulheren

Juan Orozco

Chon Travis


City of Willits

Jeremy Hershman
Greta Kanne
Larry Stranske

3rd District Board of Supervisor Candidates


John Haschak

“The County can promote greater health and well-being by supporting programs such as Walk and Bike Mendocino programs, streamline the process for building the skatepark in Laytonville, encourage the roads department to promote safe alternatives to car transportation, and be positive examples of healthy and active living, I will attend many of the community wellness events.”

John Pinches

5th District Board of Supervisor Candidates

Ted Williams (Running Unopposed)

“The cities and county must invest in increase bike lane safety.”

“Failing to invest in the promotion of healthy lifestyle is the greatest cost of all.”

Questions to the Candidates

  1. Bicycling/walking and safe bike/pedestrian infrastructure enhances quality of life and addresses issues such as affordability, equity, access, health, and the safety of our streets. In your view, what can the City/County do to actively encourage more people to bike and walk?
  2. Studies from Portland and other US cities show people on bicycles spend more per month in local business districts than those arriving by other modes.  Bicycling and walk also promote a “shop local” mindset (it’s difficult to get to a far away store to shop if you are walking or biking). What steps would you take to ensure that local businesses in your shopping district are able to benefit from better access by bicyclists?
  3. Childhood obesity and chronic weight related health issues are a major problem. As an elected official how would you use your position to foster an active living agenda that will make measurable improvements in these chronic but often preventable diseases?
  4. Forty percent of vehicle trips are less than two miles and many of us trip-hop with our cars rather than walking when we have a number of closely located errands to do. Will you commit to using your leadership position in the community to “walk the walk” by personally walking and biking whenever possible during your tenure in office?
  5. We are at the point now where increasing on-street infrastructure like bike lanes will require some difficult decisions, which will not please everyone. A classic example is the struggle between installing bike lanes, sometimes at the expense of on-street parking. Give us some insight into your decision-making process and how you plan to balance the opinions of residents who may be at odds.
  6. Do you have a biking or walking related story you’d like to tell?

Text of the Message to Candidates

My name is Neil Davis and I work for Walk & Bike Mendocino. I hope you will take a little time to think about and respond to issues I believe are important to our supporters. The questions regard your views on the importance of building on our region’s active living agenda. Walk & Bike Mendocino will post your responses along with those of other candidates on and on our FaceBook page.

Maintaining and improving our quality of life is something that is a consistent theme for residents of Mendocino County.  Residents, visitors and business owners all want a city where people feel safe and comfortable being outside to bike and walk either for transportation, relaxation, or exercise.  These are qualities that attract the new residents, visitors, and businesses which are so crucial to our community’s future while also assuring the quality of life for current residents.

As a candidate for one of the most important elected positions in our region we invite you to answer the following questions regarding making our cities and county a place where everyone feels safer bicycling and walking.  Please limit your answers to 250 words for each question.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these important questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.


Neil Davis
Walk & Bike Mendocino