SRTS At Your School

Mendocino County SRTS Plan – This plan includes recommendations for a Safe Routes to School program that will strive to:

· Enhance children’s health and well-being

· Ease traffic congestion near the school to improve safety

· Increase the number of students getting regular physical activity

· Improve air quality around schools and community members’ overall quality of life

· Increase the number of students who walk and/or bike to and from school.

· Provide clear projects and programs for implementation

Mendocino County Toolkit– This guide (toolkit) has been created as a resource for local parents, teachers, school administrators, public health professionals, city staff, and others looking to develop or expand a Safe Routes to School program or project in Mendocino County. The document provides a menu of strategies and activities to implement various non-infrastructure components of a SRTS program and resources to identify and plan for engineering improvements in order to make walking and bicycling to school a safe and easy choice. The document is organized according to the Five E’s of transportation planning – Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Engineering (and Operations), and Evaluation – all of which are necessary to develop and sustain a successful program. A short summary description of each ‘E’ is provided at the beginning of the relevant section.



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