Jen Dalton

Name: Jen Dalton
Occupation: NCO, Program Coordinator
Gets around byWhere do you live and where do you work; how far is your commute: My commute varies as I have to drive to and from Lake County a lot for work. My preferred mode of transportation is biking or walking. I live in Rogina and my office is downtown Ukiah. So, on days when I don’t have to drive to Lake County (and it’s not too terribly hot) I love to ride my bike down the hill to work. It’s so easy. It only takes about 15 minutes to get to the office and the downhill ride is a lot of fun. Getting home is a bit longer, about 30 minutes, up hill most of the way.
What are your favorite things about leaving your car at home? I like to feel the wind and be connected to a more human pace of travel. I just don’t think we were meant to travel regularly at speeds of 40+ miles an hour. I spend so much time sitting at work that on days when I can ride I feel so much healthier and alert. I enjoy the exercise.
What other benefits are there? The cardio rush on the Watson hill is pretty great once I get to the top!
Do you have any tips for people who might be trying this mode for the first time? Just enjoy the ride. You can take notice of your surroundings – the sights, smells, sounds of the space around you – so much more when you ride and walk. Savor the moment. Take your time.