Mark Green

Name:                         Mark Green 
Occupation:           General Merchandise Team Lead 
Employer:                   Raley’s 
Gets Around By:        Bike
Where do you live and where do you work; How far is your commute? Mark lives north of Ukiah and has a nearly 8 mile commute to work. He often turns his commute into a loop ride and gets in a little longer ride. It takes him abot 30 minutes to ride to work.
What are your favorite things about leaving your car at home? Mark has commuted by bike since he was in high school and likes the exercise of riding the bike. He tells us he doesn’t like driving because there’s  “too much sitting.”
What other benefits are there? Mark appreciates the exercise, the savings and just finds it more fun!
Do you have any tips for people who might be trying this mode for the first time? Test out the ride on your day off. If you have a longer commute bring a change of clothes and some deodorant. Most of the smell is in the clothes, so if you change you’re good. Have a spare tube, a pump, and know how to change a tire.