Roland Spence

Roland (Rolo) Spence – Laytonville Field Coordinator. Rolo has been with Laytonville Healthy Start since 2007, when he was initially hired to take high school students on trips to the Willits Skate Park as a way to keep at-risk youth engaged in healthy activities. Since then, he has become a great asset to the organization. Between his youthful personality, artistic abilities and dedication to his community, Roland is able to bring a creative and exciting flair to most any situation. Kids love him, which is perfect for his position working as a mentor. Aside from his efforts at Healthy Start and Laytonville schools, he always seems to be involved in some sort of lofty endeavor. He is the founder and president of the Long Valley Skaters’ Association, an organization created to build and maintain a skate park in Laytonville. When he isn’t doing artwork as a graphic designer, he can be found working on his house with his lovely fiancé or skateboarding his heart out somewhere in the sun.