Sierra Buckley

Name: Sierra Buckley  
Occupation: Community HealthCorps 
Gets around by: Bike (by car too, occasionally walk) 
Where do you live and where do you work; how far is your commute: I live in town in Ukiah off of South State, fortunately only a mile from where I work. It takes me about 5 minutes whether I drive or bike, so it just makes sense for me to bike. 
What are your favorite things about leaving your car at home? It’s less about leaving my car, and more about the fact I’m on my bike – I’m outside, hopefully in the sunshine, getting fresh air, moving my body. It feels great. Having an office job where I’m often at a desk in front of a computer, I cherish the activities that allow me to be outside and moving! 
What other benefits are there? It’s a chance to be kind to your own body and to the earth. I am winding down from a project where I was driving 2-3 hours a couple times a week, so I appreciate giving my car a rest when I can, in turn being a little kinder to the environment. 
Do you have any tips for people who might be trying this mode for the first time? You could start by biking on your own for fun to get used to it, try routes, and build some enjoyment around biking. It’s fun! A bike pump and basket or rack are great investments. Connect with your local bike shop for support – Dave’s Bike Shop in Ukiah has helped me on several occasions. Allow yourself extra time when trying a new route. Sometimes I’m less motivated to bike if I have to drive at some point in the day. In that situation, I will try to bike to work, back home for lunch, then take my car. I am still using my car, but an extra bike ride is better than none!