Sonja Burgal

Sonja fell in love with biking as a student at UC Davis. Living in cities most of her life: Los Angeles, Davis, Sacramento, Portland, and Washington, DC, Sonja found it easy to get around without a car, only recently buying her first car after moving out of the city and into the rural forest off-grid. “Walking, biking, and bussing is easy! It only takes some planning, and the willingness to slow down. What I love most about the biking community, is the opportunity to actually connect with other people, saying hi, or just smiling and waving peace signs at each other.” Though she now drives to work, she still waves peace signs at passing cars (of course when it’s safe to do so!). Sonja lives off-grid, is passionate about living frugally and minimally, bike valet parking, supporting active transportation in Mendocino County, growing her own food and medicinal herbs, and animal rights.