VISTA Position

Job Title ; Community Engagement Liaison

Your work-goal with this position will be to engage, educate, and empower low income and/or Latino communities to build community health by organizing community events with an emphasis on placemaking, tactical urbanism or neighborhood coalition building projects. You’ll help walk & Bike Mendocino develop equity in its programs while expanding program outreach.

This is an AmeriCorps VISTA position. 

Service Term: February 2019-February 2020

Applications due: December 7th, 2018

Gain professional experience working in non-profit community organizing, outreach, fundraising, and health promotion. AmeriCorps benefits include biweekly living allowance, paid holidays, sick leave and vacation, $5,775 education award, health coverage, relocation assistance, and a network of over 180,000 AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers and alumni.

Walk & Bike Mendocino is creating happy, healthy communities by making it easy to Walk & Bike.

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Goal of the Project:  Build the capacity of Walk & Bike Mendocino (WBM) to reach, and improve the health of, low income and Latino communities by developing and organizing placemaking events, recruiting and training community volunteers, and organizing neighborhood associations to understand the health benefits of, and advocate for, safe streets and neighborhoods while increasing physical activity through active transportation.

Objective #1 of the Assignment

Assess the current state of WBM Latino and Low-Income community engagement and develop a plan to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of equitable community engagement.

Member Activities:

1.            Develop and implement a community outreach plan.

a.            Attend community meetings and events to establish relationships with influential low income and Latino community members.

b.            Assist WBM staff in a review and update of the current marketing plan

c.             Use social and traditional media to increase depth and breadth of community engagement and educate the public about active transportation and the role of the built environment in public health. 

2.            Provide training to WBM and other agency staff as to best practices in addressing equity in communications and programs.

3.            Participate in WBM continuing education efforts to further personal knowledge of the built environment, placemaking, and best practices of active living promotion.

Objective #2 of the Assignment

Increase low income and Latino participation in community development. Recruit and educate community volunteers and activists, with an emphasis on low income and people of color, as to the importance of the “built environment.”

1.            Recruit and educate community volunteers and activists, with an emphasis on low income and people of color, as to the importance of the “built environment” on health and wellbeing.

2.            Develop, organize, and implement four “placemaking” events in low income or Latino neighborhoods

a.            Identify four neighborhoods with the best potential for community engagement and volunteerism.

b.            Encourage and assist in the organization of neighborhood associations to assist in the creation of the placemaking event.

Objective #3 of the Assignment

Increase walking and Biking rates among Latino and Low income populations.

 Member Activities1.            Identify barriers and benefits to walking and biking in the four identified neighborhoods and develop a plan to decrease barriers and increase benefits as possible.

2.            Host community walks or bike rides in low income and Latino neighborhoods