Orr Creek Greenway and the Historic Railroad Parkway (Ukiah)

We’re working with our sister organization the Ukiah Valley Trail Group to bring about our vision of an east-west greenway corridor along Orr Creek and a north-south greenway corridor along the old railroad tracks. We have funding from the CA Natural Resources Agency that will help us take some of the first steps on greening the railroad corridor. At the same time we’re working to create a pocket park and trail between N Oak St and Bush along Orr Creek. We’re also looking for funding for a feasibility study for the entire Orr Creek Greenway!

We envision these corridors as linear parks that will proved opportunities for both transportation and recreation. Your support will help us make it happen!

Go Slow Mendo

Our Go Slow Mendo initiative addresses high traffic speeds. Our observations suggest that most of us drive too fast at least some of the time, and many of us drive too fast often; usually we do this unconsciously. Research informs us that people do better at adopting new behaviors when the make a personal commitment, and when they make the commitment publicly they do even better. Based on this, we are asking people in Mendocino County to make a personal commitment to drive at a safe speed and we ask they put one of our bumper stickers announcing the commitment on their car. Email us and we’ll get you a bumper sticker. Make the commitment!

Willits Rail with Trail Project