So you want to represent us?

Walk & Bike Mendocino is contacting the good folks who are running for office in Mendocino County. The first, second, and fourth district seats for the County are being contested. We’re asking the candidates a few questions so as voters we know where they stand on the issues that matter to us. We will be posting the responses as we receive them from the candidates.WIllitsWalkWeb

We have listed the candidates below and will provide a link to their answers. If there is no link, they have not yet answered.


1st District Board of Supervisor Candidates

Follow the links to see all the candidates answers. We will provide a few quotes. 

James Green

Jon Kennedy

Glenn McGourty –

“I am a supporter of Smart Growth that focuses on infilling existing more densely populated areas that already have infrastructure and access to services. I am a member of the Mendocino County Sustainable Agricultural Lands Committee which advocates for preserving farm land and opposes developing flood plains or other environmentally sensitive areas. I also support planning for dense and deliberate growth: providing infrastructure to good projects that meet the community’s needs.” 


John Sakowicz

2nd District Board of Supervisor Candidates

Mo Muheren

“The next key step is to work to find funding to extend the Great Redwood Trail. The County of Mendocino has been tasked with increasing the housing stock (they need over 1,300 to meet their RHNA housing goals) it is important that these plans are carefully thought out and include appropriate infrastructure including sidewalks and bike lanes and a lot of safe places to play.”

Mari Rodin

” I support a fully staffed Public Health department, including the Prevention division—which used to be extremely active in schools and communities Countywide—to implement projects around active living and community health….These types of projects build resiliency among youth, in particular, in low income neighborhoods and communities and neighborhoods and communities of color, where rates of childhood obesity and chronic weight-related health issues are much higher.

Joel Sonilia

4th District Board of Supervisor Candidates

Dan Gjerde

Lindy Peters

Questions to the Candidates from Walk & Bike Mendocino

  1. Quality bicycling/walking opportunities and safe bike/pedestrian infrastructure enhance quality of life and address issues such as affordability, equity, health, and the safety of our streets. At the same time, studies from Portland and other US cities show people on bicycles spend more per month in local business districts than those arriving by other modes. Considering these benefits, what can the County do to actively support improvements in biking and walking infrastructure?
  2. Childhood obesity and chronic weight related health issues are a major problem. As an elected official, how would you use your position to foster an active living agenda that will make measurable improvements in these chronic, but often preventable, diseases?
  3. Forty percent of vehicle trips are less than two miles and many of us trip-hop with our cars rather than walking when we have a number of closely located errands to do. Will you commit to using your leadership position in the community to “walk the walk” by personally walking and biking whenever possible during your tenure in office?
  4. The proposed Great Redwood Trail can potentially connect Hopland through Redwood Valley and on to Willits crossing four of the five County’s supervisorial districts. The County’s Director of Transportation has stated this would be a “park” and will not budget or help build any of it as part of our transportation infrastructure. In a time of climate crisis, do you agree with this position? What will be your approach to building this critical infrastructure and do you consider it a priority?
  5. Mendocino County has a strong rural agrarian cultural and economic history. Yet in a time of climate change, it is clear that concentrating growth in urban centers (Ukiah, Willits, and Fort Bragg) and rural nodal “downtowns” has many advantages. Homes built in the wildland/urban interface and sprawling developments increase fire risk and do not provide enough tax revenue to provide the services their owners demand. What steps will you take to ensure development, with or without population growth, is sustainable and climate friendly?
  6. The Joe Rodota Trail in Santa Rosa has been allowed to be used as a homeless encampment rendering it all but unusable for pedestrians and bicyclists. Although homelessness is neither created nor cured by paths and parks, the problems associated with homelessness are frequently raised as a reason not to develop or improve paths and parks. What will you do as a Supervisor to ensure that we can “have nice things” like trails and parks despite the problems created by our homeless population?

Text of the Message to Candidates

My name is Neil Davis and I work for Walk & Bike Mendocino, a program of North Coast Opportunities. I hope you will take a little time to think about and respond to issues I believe are important to our supporters. The questions regard your views on the importance of building on our region’s active living agenda. Walk & Bike Mendocino will post your responses along with those of other candidates on and on our FaceBook page.

Maintaining and improving our quality of life is something that is a consistent theme for residents of Mendocino County. Residents, visitors and business owners all want to feel safe and comfortable being outside to bike and walk either for transportation, relaxation, or exercise. These are qualities that attract the new residents, visitors, and businesses which are so crucial to our community’s future while also assuring quality of life for current residents.

As a candidate for one of the most important elected positions in our region we invite you to answer the following questions regarding making our cities and county a place where everyone feels safer bicycling and walking.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these important questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.


Neil Davis
Walk & Bike Mendocino